Duplication is the key to victory. Keeping that in mind here are some easy steps to get started and assist others in getting started too.

1. Enroll as a CorVive Endorser

Select an Ach13ve Endorser Pack to become instantly Qualified & Active, or become Qualified & Active by accumulating individual orders.

2. Stay Qualified & Maintain Active Status.

In order to earn the most commissions, you are required to be both Qualified & Active. Qualified means you have purchased or sold (to customers) at least 100PV worth of products since your enrollment. Active means you have maintained Personal or Customer product orders totaling at least 100PV per month.

3. Refer 2 Customers to the Autoship Program

When you have 2 personal Customers enrolled in the Autoship Program, you are eligible to receive free product each and every month as long as they continue their Autoship. You will receive CorVive credit equal to the average of your two highest personal Customer Autoship orders.

4. Enroll 4 Endorsers & Help Them Complete All 4 Steps

Begin to build your team, drive sales, and increase commissions by sharing the CorVive Opportunity with others and helping them through each of these four steps. Also, in order to advance in the CorVive Rewards Plan and take advantage of all the earning possibilities, you will want to have 4 or more Active legs (Q&A Level 1 Endorsers)

Become an Endorser